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Coronavirus explained for children

Children’s guide to Coronavirus

Responding to the Coronavirus: resources for mental health and well being

Trafford Directory : Click here

Autism Apps for kids: Click here

Interim Safeguarding Guidance: Click here

General teaching and learning

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This is a spreadsheet full of online resources – many of the websites below feature on this spreadsheet

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To sign up for free visit the above address, enter the code: CVDTWINKLHELPS for online resources. You can search by subject area. Lots of fun and entertaining small activities that you could recreate at home.

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Home learning packs for EYFS and KS1/KS2 – don’t worry about the age bands – choose fun and interesting activities that you think your child would love.

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This is a very comprehensive list of resources, some will not be free. 30 Day LEGO Challenge! There are schedule ideas on here and also well-being posters/resources to help our children if they are anxious about what is going on.

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Videos and activities to support with Maths, Literacy, PSHE and PE.

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This mainstream primary school has put together a list of websites that it uses and is now recommending to students whilst working from home.


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Lots of eBooks to read here – all free to read and you just need to create a login with an email address. Remember it is just as useful to use picture books with your children and discuss the images as it is to read the words in books – they usually take longer this way too!

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You need to create a login here but you can get some free books for a trial period.

For parents

Timetable suggestions for the children:

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The Khan Academy has provided example days including timings. The work may not be suitable but the timetable gives you a suggestion as to how to plan your day.

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Another example of a daily routine for children when learning at home. It is an American site and many of the links you may not be able to use – but a good example of daily routines, and you could fill them in with ideas from the ‘General teaching and learning’ section of this document.

Place2Be is a great charity that has collated a lot of information to help you talk to your children about what is going on at the moment.


This webpage has really good suggestions on how to explain coronavirus to your child.

Mindfulness and Well Being

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Scroll down for the well-being section – lots of nice resources on here.


There are lots of videos and stories on here of varying lengths. We’d suggest choosing one or 2 initially and repeat these so that the children get a good understanding of the purpose of this. At school we might play the same one every day for a week (or half term!) for example. 


GoNoodle is a great resource  – so many fun songs to dance/sing/move along to.

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Joe Wicks is doing daily PE lessons on his YouTube channel at 9am.

*See attached .pdf with links to resources to explain and help children understand what the coronavirus is and what to do if your child is worried.

Information about coronavirus for children

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This .pdf is a social story about the virus. It includes a page explaining being off school.