An Overview of the School Curriculum

The curriculum at The Orchards School is based around the recommendations from The Complex Learning Difficulties & Disabilities Project (2011), The Rochford Review (2016), the work of Penny Lacy and the innovative work of the Swiss Cottage School in London.

The Orchards School Curriculum encourages active engagement in learning and ensures that all opportunities throughout a child’s school day are seen as an opportunity for learning. The curriculum is carefully sculpted to ensure that it is both skills and context based while taking account of individual strengths and interests. The curriculum model focuses on developing the key skill of communication, cognition, independence, physical development and self-care, all key transferable skills that equip children for life after school.

At The Orchards School we endeavour to ensure that our curriculum provides a variety of contexts for learning through different learning experiences, themes and subjects.

Early Years Curriculum

Experience and Investigate

Learners follow the EYFS curriculum throughout Early Years and Year 1. This is a developmental curriculum, which plays a diagnostic role in establishing which of the three Orchards Curricula and Pathways the child begins in Year 2. The three prime areas on the core EYFS curriculum are Communication, Language and Literacy, Physical Development, and Personal and Social Development

Download EYFS Curriculum.

The Engagement Curriculum The Continuation Curriculum The Formal Curriculum
Engagement Steps from E step 1 – E step 6 Progression Steps 1 – 10 Primary Steps 1 – Yr6 expectations
  • My Communication
  • My Thinking
  • My Care and Independence
  • and My Community
  • My Body
  • My Communication
  • My Thinking
  • Myself/My Body
  • How My World Works
  • My Creativity
  • Me and my Community
  • Language and Communication
  • Maths
  • Understanding of the world
  • Life skills
  • Personal and social development
  • Creative development
  • Physical Development and Healthy Lifestyles